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The Magnetic Monster




An unknown element turns into an unstable metal when it is treated with alpha particles, eating massive quantities of energy and doubling it's size every eleven hours, killing people with massive doses of radiation. Two scientists, (Carlson & Donovan), from the Office of Scientific Investigation (OSI), isolate the element and are forced to feed it energy when it is hungry to avoid it causing an implosion. As the particle grows the threat to the Earth becomes apparent and the scientists theorise that overfeeding it might destroy it. The particle is transported to an experimental generator being developed in Canada under the ocean that can produce 900 million volts. Despite little chance of success, the element is eventually stabalised...

British release date: March 31, 1953
Us release date: February 18, 1953

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Unknown poster from the movie The Magnetic Monster

Main Cast

  • Dr. Jeffrey Stewart
  • Dr. Dan Forbes
  • Connie Stewart
  • Dr. Allard
  • Dr. Benton
  • Howard Denker
  • Mr. Simon
  • Dr. Serny
  • Chief Watson
  • City Engineer
  • Mayor
  • Gen. Behan
  • Col. Willis
  • Capt. Dyer
  • Dr. Carthwright

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