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The Monster Varan




During an excursion to research an unusual butterfly in the mountains of northeastern Japan, two explorers are mysteriously killed. The natives of the island blame the deaths on their God "Varan" who becomes enraged at the sight of humans. A second group of researchers, not heeding the natives' warning, rouse the gigantic angry beast and evoke the destruction of the native village. The Self-Defense force launches a counterattack; battleships, tanks, and high-powered explosives, deployed to halt the spiney-backed, flying creature as it heads for the ultimate stomping ground -- TOKYO.

Japanese release date: October 14, 1958

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Us poster from the movie The Monster Varan (Daikaijû Baran)

Main Cast

  • Kenji
  • Yuriko
  • Horiguchi
  • Dr. Sugimoto
  • Military Officer Kusama
  • Military Officer Katsumoto
  • Secretary of Defense
  • Dr. Fujimora, bomb expert
  • Dr. Majima, Sugimoto's aide
  • Village High Priest
  • Ken, the boy
  • Ken's Mom
  • Ichiro, Yuriko's brother
  • Yutaka Wada
  • Issaku



No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Baran: Monster from the East (inc)
  • The Great Monster Baran (inc)
  • Varan the Unbelievable (us)

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