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The Lost World




At the dawn of the 20th Century an expedition leaves smog-filled London, led my maverick Professor Challenger, to explore a distant plateau in the verdant green of South America. They find a world where nature has run wild and men battle not only with creatures of unimaginable savagery - dinosaurs - but also with his own primitive ancestors. What each character will learn in the struggle to survive will leave them forever altered...

German release date: August 31, 2003
British release date: December 25, 2001
Us release date: October 06, 2002

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Unknown poster from the TV movie The Lost World

Main Cast

  • Prof. George Challenger
  • Prof. Leo Summerlee
  • Lord John Phillip Roxton
  • Edward Malone
  • Agnes Cluny
  • Reverend Theo Kerr
  • Indian chief
  • Achille
  • Maree
  • Indian leader
  • Mrs. Hilda Summerlee
  • McArdle
  • Gladys
  • Arthur Hare
  • Prof. Illingworth

Also Known As

  • Die vergessene Welt (de)

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