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The Lost World




Professor Challenger returns to lecture enthusiastically on his recent expedition to the South American wilderness. There, he claims, he has discovered a highland populated with Indian headhunters, apemen, and even dinosaurs. An academic opponent, Professor Summerlee, publicly ridicules Challenger's unproven assertions. A new expedition -- including Challenger, Summerlee, and some renowned adventurers -- sets out for the "lost world"...

British release date: August 04, 1960
Us release date: July 13, 1960

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French poster from the movie The Lost World

Main Cast

  • Lord John Roxton
  • Jennifer Holmes
  • Ed Malone
  • Prof. George Edward Challeng
  • Manuel Gomez
  • Prof. Summerlee
  • David Holmes
  • Costa
  • Native Girl
  • Burton White

Also Known As

  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World (inc)
  • Затерянный мир (inc)

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