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The Lost World




In London, the young reporter Malone joins Professor Challenger to go on an expedition to the heart of Brazil for the purpose of finding a lost world mentioned in the papers of an explorer. Challenger hopes to find Paula's father, a scientist who has disappeared after he would have found a mysterious world populated by dinosaurs...

Us release date: June 22, 1925

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Unknown poster from the movie The Lost World

Main Cast

  • Paula White
  • Sir John Roxton
  • Professeur Challenger
  • Ed Malone
  • Gladys Hungerford
  • Professeur Summerlee
  • Mrs. Challenger
  • Ape-man
  • Austin
  • Zambo
  • Colin McArdle
  • Major Hibbard
  • Lui-même
  • Lui-même

Also Known As

  • Затерянный мир (inc)

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