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Mom and Dad Save the World




Jon Lovitz is alien emperor Tod, ruler of Spengo, the tiniest planet in the universe. Tod has only one aim: destroy planet Earth and lead Spengo to glory. There are only two problems that stand in his way: Tod is an idiot, and so is everyone on his planet. As Tod aims his death ray at Earth, he spots Marge Nelson, an average American housewife, and falls hopelessly in love. Delaying his plan of destruction, Tod beams Marge up to Spengo and, in the process, accidentally beams up her husband Dick. On the planet they discover a world of fantastic creatures, many of whom would like to see Tod removed from the throne. While Tod plans his wedding to Marge, Dick escapes from Tod's henchmen and leads a battalion of dim-witted but brave natives in revolt. Can Dick rescue Marge and save Planet Earth? The planet holds its breath, but you'll laugh out loud when Mom And Dad Save The World.

Us release date: July 24, 1992

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Us poster from the movie Mom and Dad Save the World

Main Cast

  • Marge Nelson
  • Dick Nelson
  • Emperor Tod Spengo
  • General Afir
  • Sibor, Semage's Beau
  • King Raff
  • Sirk, Raff's Son
  • Semage, Raff's Daughter
  • Stephanie Nelson
  • Carl, Stephanie's Boyfriend
  • Alan Nelson
  • Minister for Wedding
  • Chorus Master
  • Gunnery Operator
  • Sentry Rebel


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Dick and Marge Save the World (us)

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