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The Mist




David Drayton and his young son Billy are among a large group of terrified townspeople trapped in a local grocery store by a strange, otherworldly mist. David is the first to realize that there are things lurking in the mist… deadly, horrifying things… creatures not of this world. Survival depends on everybody in a store pulling together… but is that possible, given human nature ? As reason crumbles in the face of fear and panic, David begins to wonder what terrifies him more: the monsters in the mist – or the ones inside the store, the human kind, the people that until now had been his friends and neighbours ?

British release date: July 04, 2008
Us release date: November 21, 2007

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Us poster from the movie The Mist

Main Cast

  • David Drayton
  • Mrs. Carmody
  • Amanda Dunfrey
  • Brent Norton
  • Ollie Weeks
  • Jim
  • Dan Miller
  • Irene Reppler
  • Billy Drayton
  • Sally
  • Norm
  • Private Jessup
  • Bud Brown
  • Myron
  • Woman With Kids at Home



$13 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$54 777 000

Also Known As

  • Stephen King's The Mist (us)

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