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Visit to a Small Planet




When a space alien's fascination with Earthlings gets the better of him, he breaks one of his planet's laws and speeds off to visit the blue planet. Once there the alien encounters a nice family who kindly take him in. The father is a news commentator. Ironically, just prior to meeting the visitor, he had just aired a piece in which he derided all notions of extraterrestrial visits. In exchange for having them teach him about human ways, he uses his many fantastic powers to help them...

Us release date: February 04, 1960

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Us poster from the movie Visit to a Small Planet

Main Cast

  • Kreton
  • Ellen Spelding
  • Conrad
  • Major Roger Putnam Spelding
  • Delton
  • George Abercrombie
  • Bob Mayberry
  • Rheba Spelding
  • Police Commissioner
  • Mrs. Mabel Mayberry
  • Beatnik Dancer Desdemona


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