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Set around the year 2,000 (then a lifetime away in the future), a mammoth city is ruled by the super-efficient industrialist John Fredersen and, on the surface, appears to be a utopian dream with wealthy inhabitants living in palatial apartments set in colossal glass and concrete spires. But inderground it's a diiferent story: armies of slaves work gruelling shifts to maintain the luxurious lifestyles of their masters. The workers, a sub-human species of sluggish creatures, are led by the 'saintly' Maria, who urges them not to rebel but to wait patiently for the arrival of a 'Mediator'. Frederson has Maria kidnapped and orders mad scientist, Rothwang, to create a robot to take her place. His plan is doomed when the evil mechanical Maria incites the massed workers to revolt and destroy everything in sight...

Us release date: March 13, 1927

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Unknown poster from the movie Metropolis

Main Cast

  • Joh Fredersen
  • Freder - Joh Fredersen'
  • C.A. Rotwang - the Inventor
  • The Thin Man
  • Josaphat
  • 11811 - Georgy
  • Grot - the Guardian of the H
  • The Machine Man / Maria

Also Known As

  • Метрополис (inc)
  • The Complete Metropolis (inc)

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