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It Came from Outer Space II




Jack Putnam is a professional photographer. While he is in search of some landscapes, he meets Stevie Fields, a child of the region who helps him to discover some new nice landscapes. Suddenly, a kind of cloud arrives from nowhere creating a short storm that disappears as suddenly as it arrived. Stevie discovers a blue rock, that he thinks to be a meteorite. He takes it with him.

In the hills, a wolf dog approaches to a rocky heap and is made snatch by the former. This same dog reappears later and attracts Roy Minter, an inhabitant of the hills into the pit...

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Unknown poster from the TV movie It Came from Outer Space II

Main Cast

  • Jack Putnam
  • Ellen Fields
  • Stevie Fields
  • Alan Paxson
  • Roy Minter
  • Dave Grant
  • Linda Grant
  • Carolee Minter
  • Chance Madson
  • Kathy Paxon
  • Zack
  • Ben Cully
  • Desert Rat #1
  • Desert Rat #2
  • Hughy


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