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Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor




While he undertakes secret experiences on alien tissus provided by Ministry of Defense, Dr Michael Foster responsible for the genetic service of the Talos Corporation Research Center is bitten by a creature who has mutated following foreign cell injection. He undergoes his tour the mutation and transforms into an horrible creature. Sherry Griffen, a Talos Corporation agent security's daughter worrying about the absence of her father goes to the laboratory without knowing that this one has been a victim of the monster...

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Us poster from the movie Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor

Main Cast

  • John Griffen
  • Brian
  • Sherry Griffen
  • Kim Griffen
  • Nancy Kane
  • Dr. Viallini
  • Mitchell
  • Jarrett
  • Dr. Michael Foster
  • Dr. Elliot Stein
  • Security Guard
  • Viallini's Driver
  • Additional voices (voix)
  • Additional voices (voix)
  • Talos Computer (voix)


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