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Heavy Metal




A glowing green orb from outer space spreads destruction throughout the galaxy. Only when encountered by its one true enemy - to whom it is inexplicably drawn - will goodness prevail throughout the universe...

Canadian release date: August 07, 1981
Us release date: August 07, 1981

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Us poster from the movie Heavy Metal

Main Cast

  • Hanover Fiste ("Captain Ster
  • Desk Sergeant ("Harry Canyon
  • Katherine ("Den") (voice)
  • Lawyer ("Captain Sternn") /
  • Grimaldi ("Grimaldi") / Co-P
  • Ard ("Den") (voice)
  • Whore ("Harry Canyon") / Que
  • Sternn ("Captain Sternn") /
  • Gloria ("So Beautiful and So
  • Zeke ("So Beautiful and So D
  • Girl ("Harry Canyon") / Sate
  • Norl ("Den") / Taarak ("Taar
  • Harry Canyon ("Harry Canyon"
  • Prosecutor ("Captain Sternn"
  • Navigator ("B-17") / Barbari

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