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Men in Black




Their existence is the secret the better kept, they are our best and our only rampart against the intergalactic vermin that threatens our planet, they are the MEN IN BLACK.

For agent K, the best of MIB and his young team-mate, agent J, an ex-policeman recruited by the powerful  governmental agency, the extraterrestrial life is not a question without answer, it is their daily job. The assassination of several aliens, opposed ambassadors of galaxies currently in residence in the city of New York, is going to entail the two agents in the most dangerous, the maddest and the most terrifying of all races against time...

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British release date: August 01, 1997
Us release date: July 02, 1997

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Unknown poster from the movie Men in Black

Main Cast

  • Kevin Brown / Agent K
  • James Darrel Edwards III / A
  • Dr. Laurel Weaver
  • Edgar
  • Chief Agent Zed
  • Jack Jeebs
  • Beatrice
  • Gentle Rosenburg the Arquill
  • Nick the Van Driver
  • Jose
  • Arquillian
  • INS Agent Janus
  • D
  • 2nd Lt. Jake Jensen
  • Mikey

Also Known As

  • Adamianebi shavebshi (inc)
  • MIB (us)

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