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Menace from Outer Space




An alien rocket hurtles through space, crashing near the laboratory of Professor Newton. He determines the missile originated from the planet Fornax. Space Ranger Rocky Jones heads a team sent to the faraway planet where they discover an advanced race. The aliens have been convinced by the evil Professor Kardos that the Earthlings want to conquer them. While Rocky tries to convince the alien leader of his good intentions, his old enemy, Griff, arrives with a diabolical scheme to subjugate the planet and use their devestating weaponry against Earth. The Space Rangers and the aliens must join forces to battle Griff and his army in a desperate attempt to restore peace to the distant planet...

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Us poster from the TV movie Menace from Outer Space

Main Cast

  • Rocky Jones (archives)
  • Winky (archives)
  • Vena Ray (archives)
  • Bobby (archives)
  • Professeur Newton (archives)
  • Ranger Griff (archives)
  • Secretary of Space Drake (a
  • Queen Cleolanta (archives)
  • Darganto (archives)
  • Ranger Marshall (archives)
  • Zoravac (archives)
  • Professeur Cardos (archives)
  • Volaca (archives)
  • The Vonsoom, Zoravac's
  • Symitar, Cardos Henchman (ar

Also Known As

  • Rocky Jones, Space Ranger: Menace from Outer Space (us)

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