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Top of the Food Chain




One night, an object coming from the sky crashes near Exceptional Vista, a little town deserted by its inhabitants since the local bolt factory has closed. The following day, while television is parasited around the aera, the georgous Sandy Fawkes, young proprietor of the Fawkes Motel, receives Dr. Karel Lamonte, an atomic scientist who decided to have a few days rest. Durinf a wolk, Lamonte finds the corpse of Jan Bathgate, a fisherman who made a sexy but lethal meeting. The scientist and Sandy Fawkes helps the police to inquire and discover that « men from the moon » have invaded Exceptional Vista...

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Canadian release date: March 10, 2000

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Us poster from the movie Top of the Food Chain

Main Cast

  • Jan Bathgate
  • Pat aka Saris
  • Leslie Binkley, Général St
  • Mayor Claire, Exceptional Vi
  • Deputy Dana
  • Kim Hickey
  • Sandy Fawkes, Motel Owner
  • Dr. Karel Lamonte, Atomic Sc
  • Mrs. Shelley Bathgate
  • Officer Gayle
  • Guy Fawkes, Sandy's Bro
  • Michel O'Shea
  • Chris Marlowe
  • Abby the Witch
  • Creature #1

Also Known As

  • Welcome to Exceptional Vista (inc)
  • Invasion (us)
  • Invasion! (us)

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