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Spaced Invaders




A Martian spaceship led by Captain Blipto mistakenly launches a doomed attack on Earth. When five of the universe's coolest aliens crash-land on planet earth, the cosmic crew, piloted by an ultra-hip Martian, ends up in a sleepy midwestern town. unfortunately, it's Halloween night and the citizens mistake these spaced invaders for harmless trick-or-treaters...

British release date: August 03, 1990
Us release date: April 27, 1990

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Us poster from the movie Spaced Invaders

Main Cast

  • Sam
  • Wrenchmuller
  • Kathy
  • Brian (Duck)
  • Klembecker
  • Vern
  • Russell
  • Mrs. Vanderspool
  • Ernestine
  • Sid Ghost
  • Clown Kid
  • Pig Kid
  • Radio Announcer
  • Old Wife
  • Old Guy #1

Also Known As

  • Martians!!! (us)

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