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Bionic Ever After?




The Bionic Man and Woman have finally decide to tie the knot. But with only 24 hours to go until the big day, Jaime is struck down by a mysterious illness which threatens not only her incredible powers but her very life. Meanwhile in the Bahamas a US Embassy is held to ransom by rogue terrorist-for-hire Miles Hendrick and a crack commando team, men so ruthless that they are prepared to go nuclear if their demands are not met. Could it be that the two events are in some way connected? And with his own bionics beginning to break down, will Steve be in time to save millions of innocent lives - and his future bride?

Us release date: November 29, 1994

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Us poster from the TV movie Bionic Ever After?

Main Cast

  • Jaime Sommers
  • Steve Austin
  • Oscar Goldman
  • Kimberly Haviland / Harmon
  • Dr. Rudy Wells
  • Carolyn MacNamara
  • John MacNamara
  • Miles Kendrick
  • Astaad Rashid
  • Jim Castillian
  • Minister
  • Rock
  • Stone
  • Connie Haviland
  • NEC Technician

Also Known As

  • Bionic Breakdown (uk)
  • Bionic Showdown (us)

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