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Legion of Fire: Killer Ants!




A hive of South American, killer ants has been lying dormant in Alaska for ten years until seismic activity causes subterranean warming, awakening the ants. While many residents of Burley Pines, Alaska are being eaten alive, a small group races to survive and to find a way to stop the ruthless ants...

Us release date: June 24, 1998

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Legion of Fire: Killer Ants!

Main Cast

  • Dr. Jim Conrad
  • Laura Sills
  • Police Chief Jeff Croy
  • Chad Croy
  • Officer Dave Blount
  • Bob Hazzard
  • Scott Blount
  • Maynerd Perth
  • Hunter #2
  • Sarah
  • Resident at Pass
  • Margie
  • Glenn
  • Fran
  • Glenn

Also Known As

  • Marabunta (inc)

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