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The Man Who Changed His Mind




Mad scientist Dr. Laurience, a once respected researcher goes off the deep end when the scientific community rejects his work. He uses his invention, a machine designed to transpose the mind of one person to the body of another, for ever more evil purposes, first exacting revenge on enemies, then trying to use it to win the heart of his delightful assistant Dr. Clare Wyatt, played by British ingénue Anna Lee. It's classic Karloff in this unforgettable early horror film from the prestigious British Gaumont Studio at the height of its fame...

Us release date: November 01, 1936

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Us poster from the movie The Man Who Changed His Mind

Main Cast

  • Dr. Laurience
  • Dick Haslewood
  • Dr. Clare Wyatt
  • Lord Haslewood
  • Clayton
  • Dr. Gratton
  • Prof. Holloway

Also Known As

  • The Brainsnatcher (inc)
  • Dr. Maniac (inc)
  • Doctor Maniac Who Lived Again (us)
  • The Man Who Lived Again (us)

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