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Kyle Williams thought that taking the new post of sheriff in the sleepy town of Bywater would be exactly the change of pace he needed. But the peaceful town is not what it seems. While investigating a series of gruesome murders, Kyle discovers that the locals are hiding a frightening secret. Torn between whom and what to believe, the only straight answers he receives are from the feisty young schoolteacher Teri. Together they embark on a quest to unravel the truth...

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Us poster from the movie Man-Thing

Main Cast

  • Sheriff Kyle Williams
  • Teri Elizabeth Richards
  • Frederic Schist
  • Pete Horn
  • Deputy Eric Fraser
  • Rene LaRoque
  • Mike Ploog
  • Jake Schist
  • Steve Gerber
  • Wayne Thibadeaux
  • Rodney Thibadeaux
  • Val Mayerick
  • Sarah
  • Billy James
  • Michele

Also Known As

  • Man Thing (uk)

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