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The Man from Planet X




On the Scottish island of Burray, Professor Elliot has discovered the existence of an unknown planet in the solar system, planet X. Installed in a very old fortress, Elliot leads his researchers with Dr. Mears, a man of power and money to whom Lawrence feels a non dissimulated contempt. Enid, the daughter of Elliot, is the victim of a broken down car. While walking back she discovers something that resembles a diving bell. As she looks through a window she sees a strange face peering back at her and becomes terrified her...

Us release date: April 27, 1951

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Us poster from the movie The Man from Planet X

Main Cast

  • John Lawrence
  • Enid Elliot
  • Prof. Elliot
  • Dr. Mears
  • Tommy - the Constable
  • Inspector Porter
  • Dr. Robert Blane
  • Donal - a searcher
  • Wife of Missing Man

Also Known As

  • Человек с планеты Икс (inc)

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