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A scientist creates a beautiful "perfect woman", but since she is artificial, she seems soul-less and with no sense of morality, she brings ruin to all around her...

German release date: October 23, 1952

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German poster from the movie Alraune

Main Cast

  • Alraune
  • Jacob ten Brinken
  • Frank Braun
  • Count Geroldingen
  • Wolf Goutram (Ralph Goutram
  • Docteur Mohn
  • Mathieu, the coachman
  • Lisbeth, the maid
  • Fuerstin Wolkonska (Princess
  • Olga Wolkonska (Wolkonski -
  • Mlle. Duvaliere, The Governe
  • ...
  • ...

Also Known As

  • Mandrake (inc)
  • Mandragore (inc)
  • Vengeance (inc)
  • Geliebte zwischen Lust und Gier (rfa)
  • Unnatural (us)

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