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Man Beast




In search of her missing brother's expedition, Connie Hayward organizes her own trek high into the mysterious Himalayas. Her brother had been searching for signs of the legendary Yeti, the huge, hairy, human like creature whose existence has baffled science for centuries. Joined by friends Hud and Steve, and an anthropologist, Professor Hayward, Connie sets out for the site of her brother's disappearance. Along the way, she meets a strange man, Varga, who had been her brother's guide. Soon, members of her own expedition begin to disappear, and the terrified team has the eerie feeling they are being watched. But by who... or what? Is it man... or beast?

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Us release date: December 05, 1956

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Us poster from the movie Man Beast

Main Cast

  • No one [Pressbook Name: Lon
  • Connie Hayward
  • Varga
  • Steve Cameron
  • Trevor Hudson
  • Dr. Eric Erickson
  • Kheon
  • Trader

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