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Dr. Orloff's Monster




A scientist discovers that his wife is cheating on him with his own brother - so proceeds to kill the man and reanimate his corpse, by using radio waves to control it. He then succeeds in making the man enter a nightclub and murder a string of women there. The police begin their investigation into the strangulations...

French release date: January 15, 1966

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Unknown poster from the movie Dr. Orloff's Monster (El secreto del Dr. Orloff)

Main Cast

  • Andros
  • Melissa
  • Rosa
  • Amira
  • Dr. Conrad Jekyll
  • Juan Manuel
  • Inspector Klein
  • ...
  • Karl Steiner
  • Inglud Jekyll / Ingrid Fishe
  • Ciceron
  • Conrad's Girlfriend
  • Club Owner
  • Policeman
  • Witness


Also Known As

  • Die lebenden Leichen des Doktor Jekyll (at)
  • Die Geliebten des Dr. Jekyll (at)
  • Les maîtresses du Dr. Jekyll (inc)
  • Brides of Dr. Jekyll (inc)
  • El secreto del doctor Orloff (inc)
  • Dr. Jekyll's Mistresses (inc)
  • The Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll (us)
  • The Secret of Dr. Orloff (us)

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