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The Hands of Orlac




Stephen Orlac is a famous pianist universally known. After a recital in London, while returning to Paris to join his fiance Louise, his plane crushes on the Bourget airport because of the thick fog ruling over. Orlac is rapidly driven to the Hospital. His hands are lost. In a last hope, Professor Volcheff, a real specialist, grafts him without his approuval the hands of Pierre Vasseur, a strangler condemned to guillotines on the evening... » Get more informations…

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French release date: April 12, 1961
Us release date: May 13, 1964

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French poster from the movie The Hands of Orlac

Main Cast

  • Stephen Orlac
  • Régina / Li-Lang
  • Nero the magician
  • Louise Cochrane Orlac
  • Auge
  • Professeur Volchett
  • Madame Aliberti
  • Dr. Francis Cochrane
  • Emilie
  • Maurice Seidelman
  • Cell Whore
  • Mr. Felix
  • Inspector Henderson
  • Graham Coates

Also Known As

  • Les mains d'Orlac (fr)
  • Hands of a Strangler (inc)
  • Hands of the Strangler (inc)

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