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Mad Love




A brilliant surgeon falls madly in love with an actress, but she rebuffs him. When her pianist husband's hands are cut off in a train accident, Lorre agrees to attach new hands, using those of a recently executed murderer. Lorre then kills the man's stepfather, and to drive him crazy uses psychological terror to make the pianist think he killed him. There's also an appearance by the supposedly executed murderer who shows up to reclaim his hands...

Us release date: July 12, 1935

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Us poster from the movie Mad Love

Main Cast

  • Doctor Gogol
  • Yvonne Orlac
  • Stephen Orlac
  • Reagan, the American Reporte
  • Marie, Yvonne's Maid
  • Rollo the Knife Thrower
  • Prefect Rosset
  • Dr. Wong, Gogol's Assistant
  • Françoise, Gogol's Housekee
  • Chauffeur (scenes deleted)
  • Undetermined Role (scenes de
  • Thief (scenes deleted)
  • Marianne (scenes deleted)
  • Undetermined Role (scenes de

Also Known As

  • The Hands of Orlac (uk)

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