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The Hands of Orlac




Orlac, a famous pianist, loses his hands in a serious accident. The Doctors decide then to graft him the hands of a convict condamned to death penalty. The operation succeeds perfectly but, from that moment, a series of strange homicides generally committed by strangling of the victims comes to disturb the public order. The police begins to suspect the pianist...

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Austrian release date: March 06, 1925
German release date: January 31, 1925
Us release date: June 04, 1928

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German poster from the movie The Hands of Orlac (Orlacs Hände)

Main Cast

  • Paul Orlac
  • Yvonne Orlac
  • Der alle Orlac
  • Der Diener
  • Regine
  • Dr. Serral
  • Nera


Also Known As

  • Die unheimlichen Hände des Doktor Orlac (de)
  • Руки Орлака (inc)

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