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Colossus of the Stone Age




A gigantic monster with a taste for flesh lurks beneath the surface of a dark lake. This is only one of the horrors the nomadic Dorak tribe must face in their quest to escape the wintry ice age and build a village in a warm, lush valley. When a young couple from the tribe encounters the hideous creature, they are saved from death by Maxus, a mysterious, muscled stranger. Later, after a marauding band of Moon-worshipping warriors attacks the tribe and takes all their women captive, the Doraks call upon Maxus to lead the survivors in a daring rescue mission. Maxus and his men invade the hostile tribe's cave to do fierce battle with the vicious captors. Escaping from one menace, they're soon faced with another...the huge, menacing jaws of a dragon that wants to devour them!

Italian release date: April 25, 1962

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French poster from the movie Colossus of the Stone Age (Maciste contro i mostri)

Main Cast

  • Maciste / Maxus / Germanicus
  • Moah
  • Aydar of the Sun People
  • Rhia
  • Agmir - Nude Blonde
  • Chief of the Cave People
  • Agmin - Nab's Girlfrien
  • Girl of the Sun People
  • Dorak
  • Man of the Sun People
  • Man of the Cave People
  • Man of the Sun People
  • Agur
  • Girl of the Sun People
  • Dorak, Father of Aydar

Also Known As

  • Land of the Monsters (inc)
  • Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules (us)

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