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Hercules Against the Moon Men




Hovering over the village of Samar is the Mountain of Death, ruled by bloodthirsty creatures who demand the sacrifice of a young girl every full moon. The Queen is unmoved by the people's pleas for protection and they turn to Hercules to end the slaughter. The hero discovers that living within the mountain are a colony of evil Moon Men, giant stone monsters with superhuman strength determined to rule the world and enslave humanity. In her thirst for power, the Queen has betrayed the people and joined forces with the aliens, adding the might of her army to their brutality. As they close in on Hercules, he rallies the villagers in an uprising against their merciless oppressors...

French release date: February 24, 1965
Italian release date: June 27, 1964

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Us poster from the movie Hercules Against the Moon Men (Maciste e la regina di Samar)

Main Cast

  • Maciste / Hercules
  • Queen Samara
  • Agar, Gladio's Daughter
  • Gladius, the Chancellor
  • Princess Billis / Selene
  • Remar
  • Taris, Tirteo's Wife
  • Tirteo's Daughter
  • Tirteo, the Innkeeper
  • Mogol
  • Rudolphis
  • Xelon
  • Timor
  • Darix, Samara's Cousin

Also Known As

  • Геракл и царица Самар (inc)

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