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Shiri Appleby stars as the immortal Lilith, a mythological demon living as a young woman with no memory of her dark past. When a rampaging creature unleashes a biblical plague, a secret society called The Faith assigns its chief agent, William Shaw, to recruit Lilith to become humanity's greatest protector. To save the world, Lilith must master her supernatural power, known as Darklight...

Us release date: September 18, 2004

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Darklight

Main Cast

  • Lilith / Elle
  • William Shaw
  • Faith Director Chapel
  • Anders Raeborne
  • Prefect
  • Young Chapel
  • Abe
  • Jenn
  • Beckham
  • Leo
  • Marcus
  • Captain Shepherd
  • Raeborne Sr.
  • Young Shaw
  • Hardwick

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