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The Lost Planet




In this comical sci-fi adventure, two brave heroes take on a mad scientist and his legion of wicked aliens from the planet Ergo. Thanks to the efforts of the two brave fighters, Earth is saved again. (Allmovie)

Us release date: June 04, 1953

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French poster from the series The Lost Planet

Main Cast

  • Rex Barrow
  • Ella Dorn
  • Dr. Ernst Grood
  • Prof. Edmund Dorn
  • Reckov
  • Tim Johnson
  • Karlo, aka Robot R-4
  • Jarva
  • Alden
  • Hopper
  • Wesley Brenn, aka Robot R-9
  • Darl
  • Ken Wopler
  • Lah
  • Editor Ned Hilton


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Also Known As

  • Planet Men (inc)

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