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Lost Continent




An atomic-powered rocket fired from White Sands Missile Base is lost in an unexplored region of the South Pacific. A military expedition is dispatched to find it. Searching by air, their plane loses control and crash-lands on a strange uncharted island--a lost world of prehistoric dinosaurs and vast radioactive uranium fields, so powerful that they cause rockets and planes to go off course...

Us release date: August 17, 1951

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Us poster from the movie Lost Continent

Main Cast

  • Maj. Joe Nolan
  • Marla Stevens
  • Lt. Danny Wilson
  • Michael Rostov
  • Native Girl
  • Sgt. Willie Tatlow
  • Stanley Briggs
  • Robert Phillips
  • Air Police Sergeant
  • Simmons

Also Known As

  • Затерянный континент (inc)

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