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In the year 2168 the « Terrania », a luxury space-liner, undertakes a cruise through the immensity of our galaxy for the greatest pleasure of her guests. Merrymaking beat its full when a major technical problem obliges the crew to evacuate the passengers. Unfortunately, only one lifepod can escape before the explosion of the spaceship making hundreds of victims. But a murderer is among them... » Get more informations…

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Us release date: June 28, 1993

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French poster from the TV movie Lifepod

Main Cast

  • Director Banks
  • Claire St. John
  • Parker
  • Kane
  • Rena Jahnusia
  • Q-Three
  • Mayvene
  • Terman
  • Woman with Baby in Hiberstas
  • ...
  • T-Nine
  • ...
  • ...

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