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LEXX : The Dark Zone




On Cluster, the capital of the league of 20 000 planets, a ship with the power to destroy planets lies waiting for it's master - "His Divine Shadow". But the soon to be executed rebel Thodin has his eyes on it too, and mangles the city's computer system while engineering his escape. Using the chaos that erupts, the death sentenced security officer Stanley Tweedle and the escaped "love-slave" Zev evade capture and eventually team up with Thodin... with the undead assassin Kai following, with orders to kill them all...

A cowardly security guard, an undead assassin, a female with a body designed for sex and a robot head madly in love with her all make up the crew of the spaceship Lexx, the most powerful weapon in the two universes.
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Canadian release date: April 18, 1997
German release date: May 03, 1997
British release date: December 06, 1997
Us release date: July 19, 1997

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Unknown poster from the series LEXX : The Dark Zone (Lexx: The Dark Zone)

Main Cast

  • Stanley H. Tweedle
  • Zev Bellringer
  • Kai
  • 790
  • The Lexx
  • The Time Prophet
  • His Divine Shadow
  • Giggerota


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Lexx: The Movies (inc)
  • Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories (us)

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