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The Last Sentinel




It's defences crippled, mankind has been slaughtered to the brink of extinction by the drone police. Tallis is the last of the last, after his unit was destroyed in the final terrible battle of the last great war. Living a life of survival, he is only ever one step ahead of the creation humankind hoped would bring peace on Earth, the Drone. When Tallis crosses paths with a young freedom fighter known only as "The Girl" his world changes. Tallis finds his reason to fight again, but, this time he'll wage outright war!

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Us poster from the movie The Last Sentinel

Main Cast

  • Tallis
  • Girl
  • Anchilles
  • Col. Norton / Gun Voice 2
  • Angry Cop
  • MSgt. Washington
  • Drone Scientist
  • Operator #2
  • Reporter
  • Angry Gunman
  • Little Girl
  • Little Girl
  • Little Girl
  • Angel - Tallis' Rifle (voice
  • Super Drone


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