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250 million years ago, a species of carnivorous alien insects "planted" a crop of humans on a remote planet (Earth!) for later use as food. Now, at the dawning of the new millennium, the species has returned to reap their harvest. The fate of the world lies with a quartet of reluctant heros -- teenage misfits Zach and Cara, an eccentric comic book artist, and a prophetic psychiatric patient -- who must band together to fend off the alien invasion. With annihilation looming and puny human weapons no match for the deadly alien arsenal, Zach and his crew must locate the crash site of an ancient spacecraft and harness it's firepower to prevent the invasion. The future of humanity depends on it...

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Us poster from the movie Laserhawk

Main Cast

  • Zach Raymond
  • Cara
  • M.K. Ultra aka Rodney Terenc
  • Bob Sheridan
  • Col. Lewis Teagarden USAF
  • Roach
  • Frank Raymond - Zach's
  • Mrs. Raymond - Zach's M
  • Anchorwoman
  • WBTI Ch. 2 Anchorman
  • Field Reporter
  • Dr. Duvalle
  • Pretty Girl #1
  • Pretty Girl #2
  • Pretty Girl #3

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