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Beyond our time, beyond our universe, the planet of Krull is laid seige to, Princess Lyssa is captured and imprisoned in the Black Fortress by the Beast, leader of the Slayers. Prince Colwyn sets out to free his princess and find the magical Glaive, a key to the extraordinary power of Krull's only hope for survival.

Aided by the Emerald Seer, Ergo the Magnificent Magician and Rell the Cyclops, Prince Colwyn faces constant attack from the Slayers and their lethal neon spears, Vella the ravishingly beautiful Changeling, and the Widow of the Web.

British release date: December 27, 1983
Us release date: July 29, 1983

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French poster from the movie Krull

Also Known As

  • The Dungeons of Krull (inc)
  • Krull: Invaders of the Black Fortress (inc)
  • Dungeons and Dragons (inc)
  • Dragons of Krull (inc)
  • Крулл (inc)

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