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Scientists at a "Top Secret" atomic research laboratory are taken over by strange fantastic control devices launched from an orbiting space ship inhabited by a hostile super-intelligence from beyond the stars. Simultaneously, a gigantic flying saucer crashes in the Gulf Of Mexico and Kronos, a giant metallic monolith monster, emerges. Unstoppable, it slashes across the countryside, draining the earth of all it's electrical energy and beaming it into space. Kronos, a weapon so perfect in design, absorbs a direct hit by a Hydrogen bomb and becomes that much more powerful! Atomic age excitement! Atomic age thrills!

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Unknown poster from the movie Kronos

Main Cast

  • Dr. Leslie Gaskell
  • Vera Hunter
  • Dr. Hubbell Eliot
  • Dr. Arnold Culver
  • Dr. Albert Stern
  • McCrary - The Pickup Driver
  • Gen. Perry
  • Manuel Ramirez
  • Pilot
  • Nurse
  • Air Force Général
  • Weather Operator
  • Sergeant
  • Lab Central Security Guard

Also Known As

  • Kronos, Destroyer of the Universe (inc)
  • Кронос (inc)
  • Kronos: Ravager of Planets (us)

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