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After a trip to Africa, mad-scientist Dr. Decker returns with ability to make plants and animals grow to an amazingly hefty size. When he tests his new developments on a baby chimpanzee, he unwillingly creates a gargantuan savage gorilla that wastes no time in terrorizing the streets of London!

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Us poster from the movie Konga

Main Cast

  • Dr. Charles Decker
  • Margaret
  • Bob Kenton
  • Sandra Banks
  • Dean Foster
  • Supt. Brown
  • Prof. Tagore
  • Bob's mother
  • Insp. Lawson
  • Miss Barnesdell (Foster's se
  • Bob's father
  • Daniel (student with radio)
  • Mary
  • Eric Kenton
  • Janet Kenton

Also Known As

  • I Was a Teenage Gorilla (us)

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