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King of the Rocket Men




One-by-one, a group of atomic researchers are being decimated by the remote control of Dr. Vulcan. Can the Rocket Man expose Dr. Vulcan before it's too late... or will Dr. Vulcan soon rule the world?

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Us release date: June 08, 1949

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Us poster from the series King of the Rocket Men

Main Cast

  • Jeff King
  • Glenda Thomas
  • Tony Dirken
  • Burt Winslow
  • Prof. Millard
  • Prof. Bryant
  • Chairman
  • Martin Conway
  • Gunther Von Strum
  • Prof. Drake / Henchman Gates
  • Henchman Knox / Taxi Driver
  • Henchman Blears / Cliff / St
  • Rowan
  • Henchman Turk
  • Warehouse Guard


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