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King Kong Escapes




It's King Kong to the rescue when a giant robot threatens to destroy Tokyo in the gripping King Kong Escapes! The action begins when the conniving Dr. Who builds a robot Kong in order to retrieve a highly radioactive element for his mysterious benefactor, Madame X. When the robot proves less than reliable, the devious duo scheme to kidnap the real Kong from his remote island home of Mondo. But interfering with their plans are the heroic trio of U.S. Cmdr. Carl Nelson, Lt. Jiro Nomura, and Kong's current crush, Lt. Susan Miller. It's up to them to outwit the greedy ape-nappers...

Japanese release date: July 22, 1967
Us release date: June 19, 1968

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Unknown poster from the movie King Kong Escapes (Kingu Kongu no gyakushû)

Main Cast

  • Commander Carl Nelson
  • Madame Piranha (Madame X)
  • Lieutenant Susan Watson
  • Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura
  • Dr. Who
  • Henchman
  • Henchman
  • Henchman
  • Henchman
  • Henchman
  • Henchman
  • SDF Général
  • Général
  • Mondo Islander
  • Soldier



Also Known As

  • The Revenge of King Kong (inc)
  • King Kong Strikes Again (inc)
  • King Kong's Counterattack (inc)

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