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King Kong vs. Godzilla




When an underhanded pharmaceutical company goes to a remote tropical island to steal King Kong for advertising purposes, they get more than they bargained for when the gigantic ape attacks an unsuspecting village and an enormous octopus. Meanwhile, far below the sea, a submarine crew unleashes reptilian terror when they melt a block of ice andirelease the ferocious Godzilla from his icy lair. When both destructive monsters descend on Tokyo, it’s a fight that holds the future of mankind in the balance...

Japanese release date: August 11, 1962
Us release date: June 26, 1963

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Us poster from the movie King Kong vs. Godzilla (Kingu Kongu tai Gojira)

Main Cast

  • Osamu Sakurai
  • Kazuo Fujita
  • Kinsaburo Furue
  • Mr. Tako
  • Général Masami Shinzo
  • Dr. Shigezawa
  • Fumiko Sakurai
  • Tamiye
  • Chikiro's Mother (Danci
  • Farou Island Chief
  • Capitaine of Fujita's S
  • Witch Docteur
  • Dr. Onuki
  • Official
  • Obayashi (Mr. Tako's as



Also Known As

  • Кинг Конг против Годзиллы (inc)

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