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The Killer Shrews




Sailing to a remote and deserted island, Captain Thorne Sherman delivers supplies to a scientist Dr. Craigis, who is anxious to have his daughter, Ann join the skipper on his return voyage. And for good reason: Dr. Craigis and his assistants have accidentally wreaked biological havoc by spawning mutant shrews that are starving for food-especially humans! Sherman must fight for survival while fending off these savage creatures. Surrounded by the bloodthirsty beasts, he concocts a desperate escape plan that will keep viewers' hearts pumping with excitement. Shot in Texas on an extremely low budget, The Killer Shrews is well acted and tensely written and has justifiably become a minor classic of its genre...

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Us poster from the movie The Killer Shrews

Main Cast

  • Thorne Sherman
  • Ann Craigis
  • Jerry Farrell
  • Dr. Radford Baines
  • Dr. Marlowe Craigis
  • 'Rook' Griswold
  • Mario

Also Known As

  • The Attack of the Killer Shrews (inc)

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