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A group of young friends is rocked by the sudden suicide of one of their own, and his subsequent, ghostly reappearance in grainy computer and video image. Is their friend trying to contact them from beyond the grave, or is there something much more sinister afoot? The Mysterious floppy disk they find in the dead man's apartment may provide a clue, but instead launches a program that seems to present odd, ethereal transmissions of people engaged in solitary activities in their apartments. But there is something not quite right in the appearance and the behaviour of these lonely souls. Soon there are more strange deaths and disappearances within the group, terrifying rooms sealed in red tape, and the appearance of more ghosts as the city of Tokyo -and the world- is lowly drained at life…

Japanese release date: February 03, 2001
Us release date: November 09, 2005

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Main Cast

  • Ryosuke Kawashima
  • Michi Kudo
  • Harue Karasawa
  • Junko Sasano
  • Toshio Yabe
  • Yoshizaki
  • Michi's mother
  • Boss
  • Employee
  • Ship Capitaine
  • Taguchi
  • Man with Bag
  • Student A
  • Student B
  • Student C


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Also Known As

  • The Circuit (inc)
  • Pulse (inc)

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