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Jungle Hell




Still playing a "Jungle Boy" in his 30s, the inimitable Sabu of thief of Bagdad fame made an unsuccessful 1950s stab at stardom, with the unsold episodes morphing into the feature-length film instead. As usual he's up to his diaper-loincloth in trouble as the jungles of India bristle with danger, from a wicked witch doctor to rogue elephants and from radioactive rocks - to a flying saucer! David Bruce (The Mad Ghoul) and K.T. Stevens (Missile to the Moon) co-star.

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Unknown artwork from the movie Jungle Hell

Main Cast

  • Sabu the Jungle Boy
  • Dr. Pamela Ames
  • Dr. Paul Morrison
  • Mr. Trosk
  • Shan-Kar
  • Kumar
  • Shusheila
  • Dr. Angus Caldwell
  • Miss Briggs - Secretary
  • The Child


No available information for now.


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Jungle Boy (us)

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