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Judgment Day




A giant meteor is expected to crash into Earth in a matter of days - a crash that would cause global devastation. There is only one chance to prevent impending doom. The government must find Dr. David Corbett (Linden Ashby), the creator of the Thor Project - a "Star Wars"-type of satellite system, and use his help to annihilate the fragment. But before Corbett can be contacted, he is kidnapped by militant religious cult-leader Thomas Payne (Mario Van Peebles), a zealot who believes that judgment day is rightly upon us. The government is forced to enlist the help of Payne's archenemy Matthew Reese (Ice T), a convicted killer, who is the only man who could know Payne's whereabouts. But will they have time to find Dr. Corbett and save the world?

Us release date: November 12, 1999

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French poster from the movie Judgment Day

Main Cast

  • Matthew Reese
  • Jeanine Tyrell
  • Thomas Payne
  • Luther / 'Lucifer'
  • Dr. David Corbett
  • Brother Clarence
  • General William 'Bill' Meech
  • Captain Douglas 'Doug' McNal
  • Colonel Thomas 'Tom' Keller
  • Dr. Richard 'Dick' Secor
  • Rachael Payne
  • Damon
  • Jeff
  • Tim
  • Rhonda Reese

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