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The Day the Earth Stood Still




One beautiful spring day, a flying saucer lands in the middle of a public garden of Washington after having overflown the earth at 3000 miles per hour. The army surrounds ship, and a space man in a scuba-like outfit emerges. The army commander announces: "We come as emissaries of peace and of good will." Taken by fear, a soldier shoots the space man. The trigger-happy act is followed by the appearance of a taller being, with a metallic aspect; Gort, the robot...

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Unknown poster from the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still

Main Cast

  • Klaatu
  • Helen Benson
  • Tom Stevens
  • Professeur Jacob Barnhardt
  • Bobby Benson
  • Mrs. Barley
  • Gort

Also Known As

  • День, когда остановилась Земля (inc)

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