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Life for newspaper reporter and family man Dan Vassar, happily married to Kate with a young son Zack, is pretty good right now. But things are set to change when he inexplicably starts to jump backwards through time. He uses his newfound powers to change the destiny of people he encounters, but sometimes with consequences. Dan’s time travelling starts to affect his family life and his work and his brother Jack, a police detective becomes suspicious of his strange behaviour. When his jumps reunite him with his long lost fiancée Livia, who had supposedly died in a plane crash, the mystery deepens and present day life becomes even more complicated.

Us release date: September 24, 2007

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Unknown artwork from the series Journeyman

Main Cast

  • Dan Vasser
  • Katie Vasser
  • Livia Beale
  • Jack Vasser
  • Hugh Skillen
  • Zack Vasser
  • Hugh's Secretary
  • Dr. Theresa Sanchez

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