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The Day After




USA, in the 80'. As the tension between Washington and Moscow is at its higher, the american authorities decide to launch missiles in direction of the USSR. The whole country is panicked. At 3:38 PM, Kansas City is destroyed by a nuclear explosion. For the survivors, the nightmare has just begun...

British release date: December 10, 1983
Us release date: November 20, 1983

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French poster from the TV movie The Day After

Main Cast

  • Dr. Russell Oakes
  • Nurse Nancy Bauer
  • Stephen Klein
  • Jim Dahlberg
  • Joe Huxley
  • Eve Dahlberg
  • Denise Dahlberg
  • Alison Ransom
  • Bruce Gallatin
  • Helen Oakes
  • Airman Billy McCoy
  • Dr. Sam Hachiya
  • Dr. Austin
  • Reverend Walker
  • Dennis Hendry

Also Known As

  • На следующий день (inc)

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