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Je t'aime, je t'aime




Following an attempted suicide, Claude Ridder leaves hardly the coma. A mysterious celebrity is interested in his case and proposes him to participate to an unprecedented experience : a one minute long time travel. Enclosed in a sphere, Claude is projected one year ago, on a Mediterranean beach, with his wife Catrine. Happy, the couple jokes.

Four minutes in the machine are theoretically enough for Claude to return in the present. But suddenly, the mechanics unsettles : temporal frontiers scramble, and Claude remains captive of his memories that reemerge : Catrine is asphyxiated. Suicide? Accidental death?

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French release date: April 24, 1968
Us release date: May 07, 1972

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French poster from the movie Je t'aime, je t'aime

Main Cast

  • Claude Ridder
  • Catrine
  • Wiana Lust
  • Le technicien qui vient cher
  • Le technicien-chauffeur
  • Le technicien aux souris
  • Jan Rouffer, le chef du cent
  • Le technicien au tableau noi
  • Le médecin de Crespel /
  • La jeune femme à la tro
  • Le directeur de la maison de
  • Jane Swolfs
  • Bernard Hannecart
  • L'homme qui invite Ridd
  • Marcelle Hannecart

Also Known As

  • Люблю тебя, люблю (inc)
  • I Love You, I Love You (inc)

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